Welcome to Biscaynecat cattery. My name is Alexis and I am the owner of Biscaynecat cattery. I’m pleased to welcome you to my website, totally dedicated to the most beautiful cat breed – Colorpoint Persian – also called Himalayan. I hope you will like it here and come back to visit again.

We are breeders of Himalayan & Persian CPC cats. The cattery is located in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our cattery’s name is registered with CFA. We treat our cats in fact, the level of temple. We do not keep them in cages. All our cats are full family members.  They live with us and they are our companions in everything we do. We give them a lot love and attention.

My breeding program is to improve the type of the Himalayans to create the type of heavy, short & cobby body, beautiful very big sized deep blue eyes, tiny ears, beautiful luxurious coat and sweet fluffy faces. We want to breed kittens that are trusting and full of this special charm. We have in our breeding program really precious Himalayan type, with rare beautiful & dark blue eye color, short and cobby body, dense and long white coat and great head with sweet looking face and tiny ears.


Because I am kind of a body and mind healer, my cats are also body and mind healers because I invest in them all my love. From day first I teach them what they need to help people to reduce the stress and sickness. Also my cats are feline therapy cats who really take everything away. In our crazy, busy, full of stress lives it’s very helpful. When people are alone and back home – they are like a baby, a friend and companion.

Our cattery BISCAYNECAT was planned as a little private cattery. Biscaynecat’s breeding cats have various beautiful blood lines: Brigantina, Co-Bridge, Grovewood, Kitty Charm, Sandypaws, Oakheaven, Karabel, Purringwood, Catley Crue and other well-known catteries. Our goal is to produce healthy, loving, well-socialized kittens who fit the CFA breed standard. In my breeding program I only use PKD – negative cats.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my website. We are always here to help with questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Kittens are placed with contracts. We reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten/cat. We do not sell to pet shops or to anyone for re-sell.

Please, tell me some more information about you, your cattery, breeding intentions, your location and more. We do not reply to emails that contain only a request for price. We take a deposit to reserve a kitten. The deposit is not refundable. Please contact us for more information.


Special thanks to our dear friends: Ilona Bihovsky – Sirenia Cattery, Alla Grigorishina-FlyffyCharm  Cattery, Victoria Viehmeyer – Victoriascats, Carolyn Baker – Sandypaw and all other friends who help me with advice and direction about my cattery.

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